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Workshop Cyber Security Workshop Digital Marketing Executive Workshop Workshop registration form Bulk SMS Prices 0-999=1.60 kobo1000-4999=1.50 kobo5000-9999=1.45 kobo10000-49999=1.40 kobo50000-99999=1.35 kobo100000-499999=1.30 kobo500000-999999=1.25 kobo1000000-2000000=1.20 kobo2000000-5000000=1.15 kobo5000000-10000000=1.10 kobo Note that we deduct only 1 unit of sms per message You can pay into any of the accounts below Bank: GTBank  Acc Name: Alternative adverts network services ltdAcc No: 0171264192Bank: GTBank  Zenith Bank  Acc Name: Alternative adverts network serv ltdAcc No: 1014247724Bank: Zenith Bank After making payment send the teller number to 07014039333 or 08140806869 Facebook advertising Facebook advertising benefits, one of the main reasons for which Facebook advertisingcan be beneficial for your business is that you can reach hundreds of millions of Internet users in one place. 

online advertising

Online advertising companies in Nigeria: Make money with your website and have guaranteed extra income 24/7 in Nigeria

Your website has potentials to make money for you with online adverts just lik other Online advertising companies in Nigeria, so we want your permission to place adverts on your website and pay you for it. We have long list of advertisers on our network that spend heavily on online advertisement every month, and we are looking for website with good traffic we can place those adverts and you can be sure of high quality adverts on your website. You stand to lose nothing rather will get more visitors to your website and make additional income with no extra effort. Some other benefits includes We will publicize your website to our prospective customers/clients who often request for the list of the website their adverts will appear on, we will also place your logo on the home page of our website to advertise your website and brand Make additional income on your website, signup as alternativeadvert.com publisher and watch your website make money for you even while you are asleep We pay on time once your earning is up to N5000 as individual or N10, 000 as a company           Follow this link to register http://alternativeadvert.com/ppc-publisher-registration.php You can also call us on 07014039333, 08140806869 for details or click here to contact us

GSM Phone numbers generator and extractor

Phone Number Extractor and GSM phone Numbers Generator in Nigeria

Phone Numbers Generator is a GSM Phone Numbers Extractor software  (a PHP script) that can generate Radom GSM phone number of people, but the problem with is that it does not have the ability to verify to ensure the numbers are active and it cannot tell the users locations. Cell phone Numbers Generator or GSM phone Numbers Extractor  is good for a large marketing or political campaigns that target large audience running into several millions of people. If you need it you can use it free of charge below, click on GSM Phone Number Generator below on the popup enter the numbers of cell phone numbers you want to generate We have the GSM Phone numbers of registered voters in Nigeria which any politicians can use for political campaign via bulk SMS and Voice SMS services (Robocall) Click Registered voters gsm phone numbers in Nigeria for details   {module 167}       Get 20% discount today when you buy Verified and Authentic GSM Phone numbers in Nigeria with Gender Age Occupation Location etc. Visit the link below or call 08140806869, 07014039333 https://www.alternativeadvert.com/eng/Blog/Gsm-phone-number-and-email-database-nigeria.html  


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