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Bulk email marketing packages in nigeria and email services providers in nigeria

Bulk email marketing packages in nigeria

Bulk email marketing packages in nigeria, email services providers and cost of email marketing services in Nigeria. First Nigeria…
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Time Keeper International Ltd

Voice SMS in Nigeria (Robocall) voice SMS services

We are the leading Voice SMS service provider in Nigeria and we offer bulk Voice SMS Service in Nigeria and beyond at an…
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Bulk SMS API Nigeria

You can use our bulk sms api details below to connect your website to ours free APIhttp://www.alternativeadverts.com/components/com_spc/smsapi.php?username=xxxxxx&password=xxxxx&sender=@@sender@@&recipient=@@recipient@@&message=@@message@@& Balance urlhttp://www.alternativeadverts.com/components/com_spc/smsapi.php?username=xxxxx&password=xxxxx&balance=true& API Response confirmation* "contains"…
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google adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the Pay per Click-based Google product that allows advertisers to more precisely target their chosen audience. The technology that powers…
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Phone number and Email Address databasses in Nigeria

We have Phone numbers and Email Addresses of people living and working in Nigeria, which you can leverage on to reach your target…
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Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising can be beneficial  your business in that you can reach millions of Internet users in one place. Beyond that, you have…
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Website Designing and Development Company in Lagos Nigeria

Website Designing and Development Company in Lagos Nigeria, We have many years of experience in Website and Online Application development. We can design…
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Email Services

Who’s to say that customer’s sales cycle is over? There are always opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and repeat sales! In fact, it’s to…
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Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS marketing; you might have heard about Mobile Marketing or Bulk SMS Marketing. According to the Mobile Marketing Association, Mobile Marketing is…
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Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Price 0-999=1.25 kobo1000-4999=1.25 kobo5000-9999=1.20 kobo10000-49999=1.15 kobo50000-99999=1.13 kobo100000-499999=1.10 kobo500000-999999=1.10 kobo1000000-2000000=1.07 kobo2000000-5000000=1.05 kobo5000000-10000000=1 kobo Note that we deduct only 1 unit of sms…
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